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Performance Support with AskDelphi for Microsoft Office 365

A rollout of Office 365 is always a change project. For the responsible project team, it's essential to win the support of employees on the new ways of working and to enable them on the applications through concrete use cases. Performance Support must live up to this challenge by doing more than just explaining features in the new applications.

We have therefore built a bridge between our Performance Support champion AskDelphi and our Office 365 content portfolio. With our AskDelphi platform for Microsoft 365, your users will quickly learn how to work with the new Office functions and how to apply the new tools to on-the-job tasks through use cases.

Features of AskDelphi for Office 365 at a Glance:

Concise Help at the Moment of Application

If an employee experiences difficulty with an Office application on-the-job, quick and precise assistance is required. In this case, formal learning though courses or webinars may not offer the fastest solution nor the best structure suitable. AskDelphi for Microsoft 365 fills this gap.

In AskDelphi for Microsoft 365, employees can scan over 1,000 Office instructional guides within seconds. Additive filters can be applied to narrow down the search results for selecting the desired content. The content is structured as practical tasks with step-by-step instructions to facilitate quick knowledge transfer into practice. One can simply implement the shown steps in the Office application and gain confidence in mastering the process. Supplementary theoretical knowledge is also available if deeper understanding is required.

Instruction though Pictures and Video

Our over 1,000 instructional guides are the heart of AskDelphi for Microsoft 365. The guides show how to perform tasks in Office applications through a series of easy to follow subtitled screenshots. The same content can also be viewed as a video, depending on personal preferences. Supplementary tips also refer to alternative navigation paths or useful additional functions.

Detailed Background Information

In most cases, one will use AskDelphi for Microsoft 365 to quickly find and implement the solution to a task, and then exit the application. However, if one feels the need to gain a deeper understanding of the actions performed, a "concepts" section is available. The concepts section provides graphical background information to help explain interrelations and background processes.

Context-Sensitive Help

Our AskDelphi Desktop Client is an optional Windows application which is integrated with the AskDelphi platform and enables automatic context-sensitive search for Office 365 applications, website URLs and document templates.

Configure Use Cases Quickly and Easily

Use cases show how a target group uses Office 365 for its activities. Such use cases consist of clear objectives and the appropriate tasks. The tasks often extend across several applications and show efficient interactions between the various apps.

Use Cases included in AskDelphi for Microsoft 365:

  • Office 365 Quick Start
  • Planning and Executing Team Meetings
  • Finding and Contacting Experts
  • Delegating Team Tasks
  • Organizing Incoming E-Mails

Add Your Own Learning Content

With a project license for AskDelphi, you can add your own use cases or custom content to the platform as well as modify existing content.

Update from the Cloud

Microsoft Office 365 has evolved into a very dynamic suite of software applications. New functions and new applications are added by Microsoft on a regular basis. We continuously adapt our content to these new developments and make it available directly via AskDelphi for Microsoft 365.

Our instructional guides for AskDelphi cover the following Microsoft 365 applications:

  • Upgrade to Office
  • Upgrade to Windows 10
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Skype for Business
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Teams
  • Planner
  • Delve
  • Office Starter

AskDelphi Performance Support for Office 365 is a cloud-based system hosted on Microsoft Azure. Standard user management is handled through Azure Active Directory.

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