E-Learning Courses for Microsoft Office 2013

Engaging E-Learning Courses for Microsoft Office 2013

Our E-Learning courses for Microsoft Office 2013 are designed to the needs of beginners, advanced users and upgraders. The course content is highly interactive and uses realistic simulations of the Office applications and Windows systems. Courses can be delivered through your Learning Management System (LMS) via SCORM, your company intranet or our online Learning Cloud service. Our Office 2013 E-Learning courses for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint, Access, Skype for Business are available in different languages to support international rollouts and migrations (i.e. English, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

Microsoft Office 2013 Courses
Upgrading to Windows 8 and Office 2013 https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Upgrading_to_Windows_8_and_Office_2013.pdf View Details
Excel 2013 Basic https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Excel_2013_Basic_en.pdf View Details
Excel 2013 Advanced https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Excel_2013_Advanced_en.pdf View Details
Word 2013 Basic https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Word_2013_Basic_en.pdf View Details
Word 2013 Advanced https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Word_2013_Advanced_en_1.pdf View Details
PowerPoint 2013 https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/PowerPoint_2013_en.pdf View Details
Outlook 2013 https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Outlook_2013_en.pdf View Details
OneNote 2013 https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Onenote_2013_EN.pdf View Details
Access 2013 https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Access_2013_en.pdf View Details
Office 365 https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Office%20365_EN.pdf View Details
SharePoint 2013 https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Sharepoint_2013_EN.pdf View Details
Lync 2013 https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Lync_2013_EN.pdf View Details
Skype for Business 2015 https://www.expand-global.com/sites/default/files/courses-pdf/Skype_for_Business_2015_EN.pdf View Details

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