Microsoft Delve 365 - Learning Essentials

What does this course offer you?

"Microsoft Delve" lets you manage your Office 365 profile. It also gives you an overview of both your own documents and content and those that you are authorized to access. In addition, you can see the profiles of other people in your organization and track who last edited content authorized for you.

This "Office 365 Learning Essentials" course for the Microsoft Office 365 web app "Delve" gives you an initial overview of the app. Learn about benefits, features and possible applications, and find out more about the strategic relevance of "Microsoft Delve" for the Microsoft Office 365 product portfolio.

What does this course include?


Course Topics

  • What is "Microsoft Delve"?
  • What’s in it for me?

  • Display documents and content
  • Search for content and people
  • Personalize your profile

  • Interaction with other Office applications
  • Areas of application
  • Which end devices does "Microsoft Delve" support

  • "Microsoft Delve" in Office 365
  • Intelligent Analysis with "Office Graph"

  • "Starting "Microsoft Delve"
  • Update Profile
  • Navigation in "Microsoft Delve"
  • Working with "Microsoft Delve"
  • Manage Boards
  • Meaning of Symbols

Technical Specifications


Windows 7 or higher

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome 47+
  • Mozilla Firefox 40+

Mac OS X Yosemite or higher

  • Safari 8.0.4+
  • Mozilla Firefox 40.0.1+

Tablet and Mobile Devices


  • iOS: optimized for Apple iPad Air 2 with iOS 8
  • Android: optimized for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Android 4.2.2 or Firefox 34.0.1


  • Apple iPhone with iOS Version 7 or higher
  • Smartphones with Android Version 4 or higher

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