Electronic Performance Support - EPSS

Help at the point of need

In today's rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment, organizations require new and agile tools to enable quick and easy learning. 

To complement traditional forms of training, Electronic Performance Support systems (EPSS) provides “moment of need” learning and support to your workforce.

Our Performance Support solutions deliver relevant information and targeted assistance in the form of microlearning, eLearning, guided assistance, videos, job aids, etc. - all embedded within the employee's individual workflow.

Advantages of Performance Support

  • Employees learn on the job at the point of need
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in support costs
  • Boost employee motivation and empowerment
  • Lower training costs

Our Performance Support Solutions

Microlearning Nuggets for Microsoft Office

Our learning nuggets for Microsoft Office are small searchable microlearning units which provide employees with quick and focused support for functional tasks on desktop and mobile devices.

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AskDelphi Platform for Microsoft 365

With our AskDelphi platform for Microsoft 365, your users will quickly find answers to Office functions as well as corresponding use cases and background information.

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About Us

EXPAND Global provides learning technologies and content for the next generation workplace. We are experts in innovative learning tools, eLearning content development, off-the-shelf eLearning for Microsoft Office, microlearning, mobile learning, gamification and performance support.