learningCloud Learning Experience Platform

learningCloud - Your All-in-One Learning Experience Platform

learningCloud is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), which looks like YouTube or Netflix. It is a next-generation learning system, which makes modern content easy to find and enjoyable to consume.

It's a cloud-based system for corporate learning and built for quick deployment.

learningCloud is a Next-Generation learning system,
designed for the ultimate online learning experience

learningCloud - Channels

Learners access content to specific subjects or user groups by using Channels which enable you share content in learning sprints and to build active communities with inline comments and shared chat.

learningCloud - Playlists

Playlists allow learning managers and learners to curate and share learning content. This provides a great way to deliver collections of targeted subject matter expertise across your organisation.

Offering everything from microlearning, interactive learning content, social forums, leaderboards, badges and reporting, learningCloud is designed to engage the user and promote a culture of continuous learning.

With learningCloud you can both develop and deliver attractive online learning scenarios and activities.

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