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With learningSocial, you can create learning communities, take part in debates, interact with other users with the same interests, problem solve, collaborate on projects, write articles and much more.

Key Features

Fully configurable with your logo and corporate design.

Comprehensive reporting system so you know exactly what is happening in your network.

Using instant messaging, chats, forums, microblogging, blogs…

learningSocial recommends content to users based on their interests and profile.

Fully configurable system for each organization where badges and points are awarded to users according to how they take part and contribute to the community.


The use of corporate social networks reduces the use of e-mail, the need for internal meetings and the time spent on searching for information.
Avoid duplication of information in your organization. learningSocial reduces the time spent on searching for reference information.
leanringSocial increases employee satisfaction whilst the potential drain of talent is reduced. Users feel more informed about what happens in their organization and more able to participate in the development of your company.
Communication between workmates situated in different locations is simplified.
A social network for knowledge management eliminates the need for other tools such as, CMS or Intranet.


About Us

EXPAND Global provides learning technologies and content for the next generation workplace. We are experts in innovative learning tools, eLearning content development, off-the-shelf eLearning for Microsoft Office, microlearning, mobile learning, gamification and performance support.