TESS - Performance Support Solution for Office 2010 and Office 2013

E-Learning Office is pleased to announce the availability of its new performance support solution (TESS) for of Microsoft Office 2010 and Office 2013.

TESS offers a new and improved approach to learning and support for users of Microsoft Office. TESS automatically recognizes where the user is in the Office application and delivers personalized context sensitive assistance. In-application guidance and training materials are delivered directly to the desktop at the critical moment of need.

Users can select to receive in-application support or expand their knowledge through E-Learning modules, job aids and FAQs.

The content delivered through TESS can be sourced by a Learning Management System (LMS), company intranet or cloud service.

This form of self-directed training and support for Microsoft Office helps organizations increase knowledge-worker productivity and reduce operational costs. Users receive information exactly where and when they need it to help carry out their job tasks, without extensive training or heavy reliance on traditional forms of support.

For more information about TESS, visit our Performance Support solutions area or contact E-Learning Office.