TESS - Context-Sensitive Performance Support for Microsoft Office

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Help at the point of need

Knowledge-driven organizations require new solutions to enable best-in-class learning and support in today's environment of rapidly changing technologies and processes.

To help meet this challenge, EXPAND Global provides TESS, a performance support technology for delivering just-in-time support, context-sensitive assistance and in-application guidance to users of Microsoft Office 2016, Office 2013 and Office 2010.

With TESS on the desktop, users of Microsoft Office can receive information exactly where and when they need it, to help perform job tasks without extensive training or heavy reliance on traditional forms of support.

TESS Performance Support Features:

TESS knows exactly where the user is within the Office application and offers relevant context-sensitive assistance in real-time.

When working with a Microsoft Office application, users can receive in-application assistance to perform a task at the moment of need.

TESS provides users with focused e-learning and job-aids while working with the live Office application.

The integrated search function searches all available content types and provides the user with relevant learning objects according to personal preferences.

The Upgrade Assistant guides the user directly in the new Office application by showing short animations on how functions map from the familiar “old application” to the user interface in the "new application".

TESS can be quickly implemented using our easy installation processes. Content delivered through TESS can be sourced by a Learning Management System (LMS), company intranet or external cloud-based services. TESS can also provide users with direct access to your organizations help desk. Our experienced specialists will help to configure the optimum system for your specific requirements.

Our multi-award winning e-learning content offering is continually growing and evolving in line with Microsoft’s application product releases. Using TESS in combination with our e-learning content provides your organization with a high-value, support solution for increased end-user productivity with Microsoft Office applications.

In addition to a simple licensing model, our experienced specialists can also provide hosting, administration, service and support.

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