Virtual Reality Video

Immersive Learning through Virtual Reality

We produce 360° learning videos where you can interactively view the video in all directions during playback. We shoot the videos with at least six cameras, capturing footage simultaneously and then stitch the individual videos together. The result is an immersive video which can be watched on YouTube or with a special head-mounted display (HMD) such as Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, Google Cardboard or any other HMD available on the market.

Our video development team is experienced in film production, postproduction and distribution.

Our Virtual Reality Video Services

Concept and Planning

Every film project begins with a concept, a goal, a budget and a plan. Our experienced professional team works closely with you throughout the entire project process to meet your objective.

Production and Shooting

A joint concept and plan is used to organize and schedule your video shoot. Prior to the shoot, we ensure that all necessary pre-production prerequisites have been fulfilled.

Stitching / Post Production

We shoot with at least 6 cameras simultaneously. We use the latest generation of stitching software to assemble the individual footage into a complete sphere.

Distribution and Rollout

We work with you to distribute the immersive content to your target audience through multiple channels (public, company-internal, app, download, etc.).

Application Areas

Our VR video development services cover a range of applications, for example:

  • Learning and Development
  • Human Resources/Recruitment/Onboarding
  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Event Promotion
  • Fashion
  • Sales and Marketing


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