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Learning Nuggets for Microsoft Office 365

Learning Nuggets - Microlearning for Microsoft Office at the Moment of Need

When working on-the-job with Microsoft Office or other business software applications, employees frequently need help on using application functions or with use-cases.

In addition to our Web-Based Training e-Learning Courses, EXPAND Global currently provide over 1200 Learning Nuggets spanning its full spectrum of Microsoft training applications.

Our Learning Nuggets are small searchable learning units for Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2021 and Windows. They provide fast and targeted learning and support to users for functional tasks and use-cases at the exact moment of need. These small bits of microlearning are easily accessible through our Nugget Finder search engine.

The main goal of our Learning Nuggets is to provide quick and precise help with business applications and use-cases at time of need and on-the-job in less than 5 minutes.

Nuggets relieve your helpdesk and your IT support

  • Our Learning Nuggets enable your employees to solve problems independently and efficiently when working with Microsoft 365 and Office applications.
  • Learning Nuggets are short units of knowledge. They provide quick and focused answers to users at exact moment of need while working within an application.
  • Users can quickly find answers to questions about Office applications without IT support or the helpdesk.
  • Each learning nugget has a “Share” function to copy the learning nugget link for sharing with someone else or saving as a favourite.
  • Our nuggets are available in the following language versions: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese-Brazilian, Japanese and Chinese.

Nuggets for all learning styles

Some types of learners only need text to grasp new facts. Other learners, on the other hand, benefit from a more detailed explanation using screenshots or a video.

That's why our learning nuggets are built with four learning modes. Every type of learner will find the optimal format in our nuggets, which guarantees optimal support according to personal preference.

A single learning nugget includes these four modes:

Written step-by-step instructions are given in text form to help perform the task - here for example, to quickly support an end-user in learning how to participate in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

learning-nuggets-step-by-step-instructions- microlearning-teams-microsoft-365

Users who prefer visuals can choose to view the step-by-step instructions together with application screens and illustrations.


The functional task is explained and demonstrated in a short video tutorial.

In addition, closed captioning can be switched on or off for those who prefer to read the video instructions or if there is no audio device available.

There is also an option to view the video in full-screen mode.


The light bulb button provides additional information and tips on the respective program function.


Nugget Finder - Quickly Find the Right Nugget

Our intuitive Nugget Finder search tool is included with our Learning Nuggets.

Instead of logging into an LMS, calling the help desk or searching the internet, our Nugget Finder delivers the right solution directly within the business workflow.

The Nugget Finder gives users an easy way to quickly find the right Nugget. Relevant information can be found with just a few clicks. Learners simply open the Nugget Finder and enter search terms. Filters can also be applied for searching specific applications and content languages.


We provide you with flexible ways of deploying our Nugget Finder and Learning Nuggets into your learning and support environment.


The Nugget Finder does not require any software installation on the client device. Your organizatioin can host the Nugget Finder on an internal web server.

Software as a Service

We also provide our Nugget Finder Online as an online software-as-a-service. Our Nugget Finder Online service uses OpenID Connect as the Identity Provider. With our Nugget Finder Online, we take care of hosting, security, and updates.

Nugget Finder Integration Options

  1. Via a Webpage
    The Nugget Finder can be simply placed into any webpage or intranet page as a HTML link

  2. In the Ribbon of Microsoft Office Apps
    We provide an Office add-on for integration of the Nugget Finder into the ribbon of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.The Ribbon Integration of the Nugget Finder provides:
    • A full text search field for the Nugget Finder directly in the ribbon of the Office application
    • Starting of the Nugget Finder directly from the Office application
    • Pre-filtering search results in the Nugget Finder after entering search text into the Office application

  3. In Microsoft Teams
    The Nugget Finder can be added into Microsoft Teams to bring it even closer to users, directly into one of their central applications.

Nugget Finder - Customized to Your Needs

The Nugget Finder can be customized for your organizational branding.

Design Customization

  • Integration of your logo
  • Use primary and secondary colors to match your corporate design
  • Functional changes

Content Customization

If your organization only uses certain applications and functions, you can have us activate or deactivate certain application packages or  individual nuggets in the Nugget Finder.

Create Your Own Nuggets

As an extension to the Nugget Finder, we provide our Nugget Creator for you to easy create and edit your own custom learning nuggets for any software application. This enables you to present company-specific procedures and processes for any software application into the Nugget Finder in a uniform design .

Our Nugget Creator is a software-as-a-service tool. Learning Nuggets created with our Nugget Creator are stored in our cloud-based Nugget Pool.

You can deploy custom nuggets to the Nugget Finder and even create your own custom learning steams with the custom learning nuggets. For example, you could embed the custom learning nugget videos into custom courses, into an in-house video platform or into a SharePoint training site.

Learning Nugget Content Packages for Microsoft 365 and Office

Your organization can license our Learning Nuggets for the applications you require according to our Microsoft Content Bundles.

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