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Microsoft Office Elearning Courses and Learning Nuggets Available in 8 Languages

EXPAND Global Elearning Courses and Learning Nuggets Available in 9 Languages

EXPAND Global is proud to announce the availability of its Office 365 and Office 2016 courses and learning nuggets in English, German, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Our Microsoft Office and Windows 10 E-Learning courses are aimed to address core end-user training and support for all user levels of Office (beginner, intermediate and advanced) as well as for upgrades from previous versions of Office and Windows. Courses are SCORM-compliant and can be run from any SCORM compatible Learning Management System or accessed online through the Learning Cloud service provided by E-Learning Office.

Our Microsoft Office Courses are designed with the following features:

  1. Learning Videos
  2. Additional details with Tips and printable PDFs
  3. Exercises & Tests
  4. SCORM Tracking

Individual application courses include Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Teams, SharePoint and Power BI.

To complement our E-Learning courses, our library of Learning Nuggets for Microsoft Office is in ideal solution for delivering quick answers to end-users on-the-job and at the moment of need. Learning Nuggets provide quick and concise support to end-users on how to use functions and perform specific tasks in Office applications. The nuggets provide a choice of display modes to meet different learner preferences (textual step-by-step, pictured step-by-step and video). The nuggets can be accessed through our web-based Nugget Finder search tool or integrated into the ribbon of the Microsoft Office application.

For more information, please contact EXPAND Global.

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