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Microlearning and Performance Support with Microsoft Office Nuggets

Microlearning and Performance Support with Microsoft Office Nuggets

Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows are integral parts of daily work in virtually every industry. It is nevertheless common that users need to look up how to use Office and Windows functions to perform daily work. In many cases, a quick and simple just-in-time guide is usually all that is needed. For this purpose, EXPAND Global offers Learning Nuggets for Microsoft Office and Windows.

Learning Nuggets from EXPAND Global are small microlearning-based units which provide quick and focused performance support for functional tasks, at the exact moment of need, on the desktop and on mobile devices.

Available Nuggets

EXPAND Global offers a comprehensive and growing library of Learning Nuggets covering the most important functions in Office 365, Office 2021, Office 2019, Office 2016 and Windows.

Nugget Features

Our Nuggets offer users 3 viewing options according to personal preference:

  1. Step-by-Step List
  2. Pictured Step-by-Step
  3. Video

Advanced users in particular may prefer a simple step list, while less experienced users may prefer to view a pictured step-by-step or a video.

Easy Deployment

In order to gain the full benefit of using our Learning Nuggets, EXPAND Global provides the Nugget Finder. This convenient search engine gives users an easy way to always find the right Nugget. Users simply open the Nugget Finder in their browser, select the desired application and enter the search term.

office nugget finder search

Interested in learning more about our Learning Nuggets? Visit our Learning Nuggets page or contact EXPAND Global.

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